Your FAQs

Having launched only 2 years ago, we know you will have lots of questions about Rosalique. That is why we have collated the ones we receive most frequently. However, if you feel that your question is not amongst the ones mentioned below, please feel free to email or call us. You can email or call 020 8979 3592.

1. Is Rosalique Cruelty-Free?

We are happy to say Rosalique is indeed not tested on animals. In fact, within the European Union it is illegal to test cosmetics on animals, therefore if we were to have been tested on animals, we would not be allowed to sell Rosalique on the European market. 

2. Is Rosalique Vegan?

We are again happy to say Rosalique is suitable to use if you are living a Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle.

3. Can men use Rosalique?

Men can definitely use Rosalique and we know many men do! Our packaging might be a bit more feminine, but the product is suitable for all genders. The feedback that we get from men is that the product does not feel like putting on and wearing make up, it just feels like a moisturiser that happens to also cover the redness. Additionally, we know a lot of the Make Up Artists who love us, use it on their celebrity (and non-celebrity) clients - so if they do it, you definitely can too!

4. What skin tones is Rosalique suitable for?

Because of the unique micro-encapsulated technology, Rosalique is suitable for many different skin tones. The little green balls break and blend into your natural skin tone, allowing it work wonderfully as a primer or foundation for many. We find that customers who are using us tend to have anything from fair skin to more olive skin or even a little darker, as long as there is a bit of a yellow undertone when you do have slightly darker skin. For those with quite dark skin, Rosalique might not be suitable, but fear not - we are looking to launch a product in future to ensure we suit everyone's skin needs!

5. How can you best apply Rosalique?

There are a few ways to apply Rosalique, the product is extremely easy to use. Many customers use their hands and just massage it in gently with their fingers. Make sure to wash your fingers after so the green-ish tint does not stay on your fingers. Others like using a sponge or maybe a kabuki brush. As customers asked us if we maybe had a brush for them use, we have now created a special Rosalique Miracle Brush for you to try. It is an amazing, thick, high quality brush to allow you to apply Rosalique even more easily.