Martin Schiele - Our Founder

Since 1999 I have personally witnessed the amazing and powerful effects that natural, bio-active formulations can have on improving peoples’ skin. Even in 2021, the research and work carried out by my father, Dr. M Schiele, still holds true. His bio-medical research centred heavily on factual and century-old studies to identify and test which natural and bio-active substances positively impact on peoples’ health. Early research areas included agricultural biology which led to human biology - including immunology and fertility - and in the late 90’s, dermatology.

It was in dermatology where Dr. Schiele recognised that many sufferers of common skin issues - especially dry atopic skin complaints - were not able to treat their condition effectively. They were on a constant merry-go-round of ineffective products that did little for the symptoms and offered no long-term control and management of skin problems. It was this dissatisfaction that caused Dr. Schiele to research a new way of thinking and provide an alternative. I personally recall customers who suffered for over 30 years being in complete disbelief at having finally found relief with Dr. Schiele’s innovations.

Dr. Schiele created a series of colloidal spray products that contained essential minerals, oils and vitamins mixed as a liquid suspension to offer an alternative to sticky creams and ointments. Not only were these products more practical to use, but their ability to absorb into the skin meant that users experienced rapid relief from dry and atopic skin complaints and symptoms.

The Salcura brand was born, and Dr. Schiele investigated multiple other areas of skin health Over the first few years Dr. Schiele developed products for dry and atopic skin both for adults and children, solutions for acne, oral products as well as other novel and niche skin and health products. The areas of key interest were creating solutions as an alternative to products which were often highly synthetic, with side effects offering little to no long-term benefit.

Since 2006 Salcura Natural Skin Therapy has strengthened its brand by understanding the needs of its customers and developing product ranges that still fundamentally resemble the original ethos that Dr. Schiele had: safe, effective, and natural. A quote from the famous Professor Sir Robert Winston always reminds me of why Salcura has been so successful. Sir Winston once said that “mankind has not and will not create anything better than the body’s own ability to heal and regenerate itself. All we need to do is provide it with the right tools to do so." And so, it is with Salcura that we must provide the body with the vital nutrients that will alleviate problems, but more than anything, strengthen it and increase the chances of fighting off illness and disease. Salcura products contribute to this vital part of the body’s own healing, repair and regeneration process for long-term control and management of skin health.

Following the success of Salcura, I established Anicura Natural Pet Solutions in 2011, although it was not until we adopted our Bella in 2013 that we realised the urgent need for a high quality, natural skincare range for pets with sensitive skin. One that works with the skin instead of against it. Despite the pet industry being flooded with skin and coat care products, none appeared to live up to our expectations. Having worked with natural ingredients with Salcura Natural Skin Therapy, those expectations were high!

As per Dr. Schiele’s philosophy, Anicura creates high quality skincare products that will contribute to your pet’s health and happiness. All of our products contain naturally proven ingredients which are highly effective. They provide deep hydration and nutrition to encourage healthy skin. Anyone looking for an effective natural alternative to chemical-based products on the market, has come to the right place. Animals prone to itchy, sensitive skin, dry and flaky skin or other skin conditions will benefit from using Anicura.

Our products are designed for one purpose and one purpose only – to help your pet have a healthy skin and coat. We believe that choosing natural products for your pet’s skin shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on effectiveness!

Using our experience, and working closely together with only the best suppliers from around the world, we created a skincare range specifically developed for pets' allergy-prone skin. Knowing that a dog or cat’s skin can be even more delicate than our own, it is important that we only use gentle, yet effective ingredients. Being surrounded by animals all day, every day, makes us incredibly passionate about what we do. Therefore, we sincerely hope that after you have used our products you will be passionate about them too!

Our latest innovation Rosalique, launched only recently in May 2018 – is a unique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle formula. Using all that I learnt from 10 years of Salcura, my father’s way of thinking and working closely together with wonderful Swiss-French scientists, Rosalique has rapidly become the go-to product for all those with redness-prone skin.

Rosalique offers an instant concealing effect with the unique micro-encapsulated pigments in Rosalique delivering ultra-fine colour pigments directly to the skin, masking any redness or unevenness instantly. The green outer layer of the micro balls further neutralises skin redness. Containing active ingredients like Zeolite, Alpha-Bisabolol, Panthenol, Shea Butter & Urea Rosalique gently treats all symptoms associated with Redness. Studies on Rosalique indicate that irritated skin areas are calmed and soothed, when used daily over a period of 4-8 weeks. Skin redness is reduced, controlled and managed long term. Rosalique’s UV filters offer protection from UVA and UVB rays that aggravate red skin. The SPF 50 offers protection from further long-term skin damage.

Dr. Schiele has left us with his wonderful product concepts and ways of thinking that will continue to shape our brands and will now contribute to the further shaping of the unique product portfolio of Natural Birthing Company. His eye for detail and high quality remains part of our core values and we will continue to innovate and work hard to offer our loyal customers award-winning products. With my partner Claudia now at the helm, our holding company Brandhaus and all its brands, is continuously adapting to future challenges with some of Europe’s leading cosmetic, skincare scientists so that around the world people can improve their skin and quality of life, naturally.

Martin Schiele