Wedding makeup tips from our favourite MUAs

Wedding makeup tips from our favourite MUAs

Over the years, Rosalique has become a staple in many MUA's kits. Whether you love a natural finish or full glam, Rosalique is a must-have for many brides on their special day. We reached out to some of our favourite makeup artists, who are in the midst of all the action during the big day, and asked them to share their go-to tips for all things wedding makeup. 

Emma Quin

How to choose the right MUA?

Most MUA’s will have a website and not just social media. Having a decent website is a good sign that the makeup artist is serious about their business. When looking at websites and social media, check that the MUA has a good variety of brides, not just models or young beauties! A good MUA will be able to make any client look their best self, whatever colour, age or look. 

Check that their work fits with the look/style you are going for whether it is natural, glamorous etc. Keep an eye out for heavily styled or filtered pictures. Your wedding won’t work like a fashion photoshoot. You'll want to look good to the naked eye, not just in photos.

Lots of venues also run wedding fairs or open days where you can meet potential MUAs and get to know them, look at their work, ask questions about their makeup and the whole process. Makeup is a very personal thing, and you need to be comfortable with that person. Trust your instinct and always have a trial run so you can work out what’s best for you together. It’s a work of art between you and your MUA… her skills and your personal preferences. 

Do have a chat with your potential MUA on the phone if possible. Tell her your concerns, needs and talk about the look you require. Talking to someone really helps you to assess if they are right for you. Ask her to explain the booking in process. Do expect to pay a reservation/booking fee. It gives both you and the MUA some security and should be taken off your invoice for the wedding date. 

How to cover redness?

Rosy cheeks are a beautiful thing. You will always look healthy! But sometimes cheeks can be a little too rosy or rosy in the wrong place! It could be broken veins, flushes, sunburn, acne or rosacea. My absolute go to product is Rosalique. An absolutely genius product that covers and neutralises redness. It has an SPF50 in it (an absolute must especially for weddings) and has a long term healing and calming property. It treats the skin and is anti-inflammatory, soothing and hydrating. On top of this it acts as a fantastic primer keeping makeup in place all day. You can even use it on its own as the green turns a lovely light golden shade on your skin! Pop a little powder or bronzer over the top. If you’d like more coverage, use you normal foundation over the top and finish with a fixing spray. 

Toni Searle

What to do if you have Rosacea/facial redness?

The sooner you get your skincare routine sorted, the better. Once you're using the right products your skin will improve quite quickly. Consistency is key. Your MUA will be able to advise the best routine for you or if you're having a lot of issues, it's best to go to your GP or dermatologist. Pale skin is more prone to redness so you may find it's hard to get rid of just with skincare, but it's always concealable! Green counteracts redness, so Rosalique is a brilliant product to neutralise red skin. You can use it by itself or use it as a primer and then pat your foundation on top (try not to rub as it will smear away what you've put on). 

Why is it important to get the perfect MUA for your big day?

If you're not sure whether to hire an MUA to do your makeup or do your own, think about what will make you feel less stressed on your wedding morning. There's going to be lots to think about, so if doing your own makeup is going to add to your list in the wrong way, then it makes sense to have someone else do your makeup for you. A big skill MUAs need to have is that we need to keep you calm. We're there to make you feel excited, beautiful and amazing so you can enjoy getting ready for your special day!

Louise Jackson

What if you want to do your own bridal make-up? 

Firstly, keep it simple. You want to make sure your look is achievable. It’s all very well copying tutorials but if it’s too complicated you will really struggle to get it right on the day especially when under pressure. Remember to choose colours that are easy to work with. Bronze, champagne, rose gold and soft greys are very complementary on most skin tones. Or for deeper skin tones, introduce warmth such as antique golds, coppers and burgundies. To achieve the perfect pout line on the lips, use a pencil and then apply lipstick with a brush.

Getting the skin right is also important. To achieve the perfect base, you need to start with the foundations. Skincare! This is a must whether you or a makeup artist does your makeup. You will never get that perfect radiant flawless look unless you invest some time into your skincare. This needs to include cleansing and moisturising (minimum) twice a day, morning and night. Build the look slowly. Allow plenty of time on the day to apply your makeup. Rushing leads to mistakes. Finally, practice beforehand. All makeup artists have trials with their brides, and you must do the same. As they say practice makes perfect!

How do you make your make up last all day?

Apply in thin layers to ensure longevity. Makeup primers are designed to hold the foundation for longer. There are lots to choose from. Go for one that suits your skins type. For example, if you are oily, use a mattifying primer or a pore filler or if you’re dry/dehydrated go for something that hydrates the skin for that extra glow. Use an eyeshadow primer to help to prevent creasing to the eyes. The same with your foundation. Choose one that suits your skin type, preferably with a 24hr stay time. Add a light dusting of loose powder, press into the oilier areas e.g., T-zone. Finish with a good setting spray. Avoid touching your face. Treat yourself to a good mascara, opt for a smudge proof one.

Ruby May

What other things can you do to prepare for the big day?

If you are correcting redness of the skin, it can be very complicated. I always recommend using a gentle toner on the skin, one with no alcohol and ingredients such as algae and chamomile.

If you’re not fully confident doing your own makeup I would always recommend booking a makeup lesson, you can have a 1-2-1 consultation with an artist who can recommend the right products for your skin. Prep your skin with a good sheet mask the night before your big day. Your makeup is not going to look it’s best if your skin is feeling dry, or even better treat yourself to facial and drink lots of water.

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